Our experienced sales and service professionals understand your business and will work in conjunction with you to achieve your goals by applying the right products and services. Northern Equipment Company, Inc. can offer turnkey fuel system installation and upgrades for both retail and commercial facilities. We will bring your project in on time and on budget.

Potential site upgrade options include new dispensers, upgrade existing dispensers, stainless steel islands, and LED canopy lights. Below is some additional information on site upgrade options.

Wayne Ovation 2. The Ovation 2 has been available to the petroleum market for almost two years. Building upon the reliability of the original Wayne Ovation, the Ovation 2 has numerous upgrades. LED lighting, 25% more brandable space then previous Wayne dispensers, and the latest in technology separates this dispenser from the rest. The new Push To Start panels are designed with glass to prevent sun damage and each grade selector can be individually attended to rather then the entire panel. This is the durable, attractive, easy to use and state of the art dispenser you desire!

iX Platform. Wayne dispensers offer an iX platform. This is a modular design that allows features to be added as new technology emerges. Wayne was the first to create a feature like this so new dispensers wouldn’t have to be purchased as new technology came forward. Like the iX platform, Wayne has developed many features ahead of the competition to keep up with technological advancements and future regulations.

Wayne Secure Pin PadThe ATM style keypad is the only PCI 3.0 certified keypad (4.0 coming soon). Its tamper resistant and the removal protection protects customer data with less risk of date breach. The patented Adaptive Functionality mode allows non-debit sales even in the event of an attempted breach. This allows the retailer to continue to sell fuel even without a functioning keypad. The remote key injection saves you money by reducing the costs to change networks by allowing the technician to change encryption on site.

Wayne Hybrid Chip Card ReaderThis is the card reader you need in your dispenser to accept EMV. The Hybrid Card Reader allows for a Mag Card Only Mode so you can install it now and activate it when EMV is ready. This allows you to save wear and tear by not activating the chip reader until EMV is activated. A LED status indicator provides a visual indicator to customers and employees that the reader is secure. Device Removal Protection disables the card reader if it’s removed from the system. The flush mount design protects against external skimmer installation.

Wayne TAP NFC ReaderThis technology helps take advantage of the growing mobile payment market. Attract new customers by offering them the best and fastest payment experience. It supports all forms of contactless payment, allowing customers to use their preferred service. TAP supports new EMV contactless standard, eliminating future upgrade costs. Audio and visual indicators allow for a great experience as customers receive positive feedback that the payment device has been read.

InovationTVThe InovationTV (IOTV) media platform is a free, 100% all-inclusive, cloud-based media solution that has enabled thousands of retailers to enhance their brand recognition and loyalty while increasing in-store product sales. Use premium content from industry leading brands (something the competition can’t use) and includes custom designed retailer promotional ads for your station at no charge to help drive consumers from the dispensers into the C-store. IOTV also allows for coupons to be advertised and printed. IOTV consumers are 2X more likely to visit the C-store during their visit than stations without media. Best of all, IOTV is free with new Ovation2 purchases!

iSenseIf your site has network connectivity at your dispensers, iSense is a feature that the our competitors can’t offer. If you want access from you phone or tablet that allows you real time status of your dispensers, then iSense is your answer. For a small yearly fee, you can have visual indicators if your gateway/network and fueling points are online or offline. See a visual map of the status of multiple sites if you have them. Proactive alarms let you know flow rate, bad card reader, printer jam or out of paper, iGem issues, key pad errors, and bezel door security. All of these messages can help you and your service provider save time when troubleshooting problems. Furthermore, saving you money and providing your customers with the best service possible.

Xflo Meter. If you’re looking for a more advanced meter, look no further. The Xflo meter is a feature that provides many benefits. This technology helps to practically eliminate fuel loss and meter drift saving you money. This meter allows more fuel to flow through the unit causing customers to pump faster and you to serve more customers. It’s compatible with alternative fuels and again saves you money by reducing or even eliminating calibration costs. The Xflo meter is a great investment!

Stainless steel island forms. A great way to enhance the look of your site. By using stainless steel you’re getting the look that you’ve always wanted and eliminating the constant maintenance you have been doing for years. Stainless steel has proven to hold up to chemicals and any weather conditions. It is one of today’s most desired decorative and functional materials.