Northern Equipment Company, Inc. can provide you with the latest in Point-of-Sale (POS) systems. 

Verifone Commander. Voted as a finalist for CSP’s 2015 Best New Product. It offers convenience store owners a versatile site management solution providing increased speed in payment acceptance, fueling operations and back office store control. It’s a cloud-based management software platform that allows owners to control their business from fuel to payment operations, quickly and easily from any web-enabled device. The Verifone Commander is the newest site controller and because of its up to date technology, speed and reliability, BP has decided to install Commanders in all of their locations across the world.

Verifone RubyCi. The latest POS solution from Verifone. It is equipped with a built in site controller providing fast, efficient, complete store management. The combination of the POS and site controller makes this solution the only one of it’s kind it the market! If you’re limited space, this is a great choice.

Verifone Ruby2. Ruby2 is also one of the newest POS solutions from Verifone. It’s a touch-screen console providing fast, efficient order taking and payment processing. The multi-core processor allows the Ruby2 to process functions with increased speed allowing for easier store and customer management.

Verifone Topaz XL. The first POS in the industry to have a 15” touch-screen and a 120-key keyboard . Building upon the Ruby SuperSytem framework, the best selling POS in the Petroleum and Convenience Retail industry for 16 consecutive years, this is a great POS to transition to if you are afraid of leaving your Ruby system. The keyboards are exactly alike allowing you that sense of comfort in doing transactions and having the latest technology.

Verifone MX 900 series PinPads. Verifones new series of MX900 pin pads offer stores the latest in technology. Touch screen for easy signature capture, EMV-ready acceptance and NFC contactless enabled reader are a few of the features offered. The brilliant color screen can vary in size based on your preference and supports full motion videos!

Wayne Namos Point-of-Sale. The Wayne NAMOS™ point-of-sale (POS) system is the answer for keeping up with today’s fast-paced retail fuel environment. Wayne has aligned with retail industry expert Wincor Nixdorf to develop their most advanced retail management system yet. The NAMOS POS system delivers easy-to-use, yet advanced features specifically designed for fuel retailers. You can become one of the most capable and cutting-edge fuel retailers now, while also positioning your business to adopt new trends and technologies as they emerge. See how the Wayne NAMOS POS system can help.