Dreamland Petroleum

The BP at 405 N. 27th St in Milwaukee was built for Dreamland Petroleum Company in the winter of 2014. Northern Equipment Company rebuilt the entire site removing all existing piping, tanks, and dispensers. We furnished and installed 3 new larger fiberglass tanks, piping, containment, submersibles, stainless steel islands, overfill protection, a canopy, and eight Wayne Ovation 2s with LX and dual price posting. The site opened in April 2015.

Kool Petroleum

The site at 3474 N. Holton was completely remodeled. Everything was removed except the underground fuel tanks. The site had three dispensers previously scattered throughout the property and its now set up for a better flow of traffic. Northern Equipment Company installed new doublewall piping, containment, tank pad, stainless steel islands, a canopy and four Wayne Ovation 2s.