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Northern Equipment Company, Inc. can provide you with the latest in LED lighting from LSI Industries. LSI has been the indisputable leader in providing innovative lighting and graphic solutions to the retail petroleum/c-store & petroleum fleet market for almost 40 years.

LED lighting is one of the best investments you can make in your retail stations. LED lighting offers a number of advantages over metal halide and fluorescent fixtures.

First and foremost, LED canopy lighting will dramatically improve the look and feel of your locations, providing your customers with a cleaner, brighter, and safer shopping experience. The improved lighting will attract more customers to your site. LEDs will also maintain their brightness longer than metal halides. A 400 watt metal halide bulb will be 70% less bright after 3 years of use. A LSI LED light will still produce 95% of the lumen output after 3 years.

Second, LEDs will save you money. They will lower both your energy bill and maintenance costs. A typical metal halide canopy fixture uses either 368 or 458 watts. LSI LED canopy lights use either 114 or 150 watts depending on the light you choose. That is a 60% to 75% reduction in energy costs per fixture. The ROI is often around 2-3 years for LED canopy lights. In addition, LSI offers a 10 year parts warranty on all of their lights.

The Legacy LED Canopy fixture is the latest innovation in LED canopy lighting. The super sleek, razor thin Legacy is designed to replace that Scottsdale you love quickly, easily and more cost-effectively than any other. The Legacy LED canopy fixture installs quickly into the existing 4” hole of your Scottsdale fixture without extra cutting, drilling or caulking. Beyond mere beauty, the Legacy will also deliver the highest lumens per dollar and provide the greatest degree of flexibility to light your site. Day or night the Legacy is attractive in all dimensions.

You may also have the opportunity to recoup some of the money you spend to upgrade your lighting. Some wholesalers have co-op reimbursement opportunities available for canopy lighting. In addition, there are public utility incentives and federal tax deductions available to help with the upfront costs of upgrading to LED lighting. 

Northern Equipment Company Inc. will survey your station, provide you with an energy calculation specific to your lighting and provide you with a quote that includes all available rebates. We really think this is a win-win for station owners; LEDs are going to save you money and improve the look of your C-Store. Please give Northern Equipment Company a call today to provide with a survey or quote for your lighting needs.