Hunter Engineering Company® is the global leader in alignment systems, wheel and tire service, brake service and inspection lane equipment. From concept to market, Hunter designs and manufactures industry-leading service equipment right here in the USA.

Hunter fields the largest dedicated sales and service force in the undercar service industry with approximately 380+ sales representatives and 390+ independent service representatives throughout the United States. Representatives have an extensive network of support of Technical and Training Representatives as well as Customer Service Representatives available to provide account assistance, product information and technical support, customer satisfaction is key to Hunter's success.


Other wheel alignment machines don’t come close to matching the productivity and profit enhancing power of the HawkEye Elite® wheel alignment machine. HawkEye Elite® is the most powerful wheel alignment equipment on the market today, using four precision cameras to measure the position and orientation of targets mounted to each wheel using Hunter’s patented QuickGrip® adaptors.

QuickGrip® adaptors feature spring-loaded arms that grip the tire, eliminating metal-to-metal contact and subsequent rim damage. The Hawkeye Elite®wheel alignment system can show alignment results in just 70 seconds. Say goodbye to wasted shop time and obsolete wheel alignment machines by adding the top-of-the-line HawkEye Elite® wheel alignment system to your shop today.


The Road Force Elite® is not only the world’s fastest diagnostic balancer, but performs a balance faster than a traditional balancer and can solve wheel vibration problems that traditional balancers cannot. The Road Force Elite® detects non-balance, radial-force related problems associated with tire uniformity, tire and rim runout, wheel to balancer mounting errors and improper seating of tire to rim.


Northern Equipment Company carries Hunter’s top-of-the-line tire changers. Hunter features four models of center clamp tire changers including Auto34S, TC39, TC37, and TC300 tire changer systems. All four passenger car tire changers feature simple clamping techniques and multiplied clamping force.