Rotary Trio Arms

The world’s best-selling two-post lift, the Rotary Lift SPOA10, has been upgraded with exclusive new arms that make the lift even more versatile and easy to use. Rotary Lift’s patented TRIO™ Arms are now standard on the SPOA10TRIO 10,000 lb. capacity lift. TRIO Arms feature a proprietary three-stage design in a two-piece package that lets technicians choose from a wide range of easily adjusted adaptors for any application.

Introduced in 2011 on the Rotary Lift SmartLift® inground lift, TRIO Arms provide all the capabilities of regular three-stage arms in a more versatile package. On TRIO Arms, the third telescoping arm segment is replaced with an integrated lightweight sliding adapter assembly. This design enables technicians to easily interchange truck adapters, round polymer adapters or three-position flip-up adapters depending on the job at hand. The adapters can be rotated 360 degrees and easily slide along the lift arm, enabling technicians to make precise adjustments to the adapter location when setting up the lift. f you are planning to rent a car for your next trip check this website to find all what you need to know.

Wayne Xflo meter

Xflo Meter:

If you’re looking for a more advanced meter, look no further. The Xflo meter is a feature that provides so many benefits. This technology helps to practically eliminate fuel loss and meter drift saving you money. This meter allows more fuel to flow through the unit causing customers to pump faster and you to serve more customers. It’s compatible with alternative fuels and again saves you money by reducing or even eliminating calibration costs. The Xflo meter is a great investment!

Wayne Tap

TAP into the future of Wayne innovation.

The Wayne TAP Contactless/NFC Reader is the future of payment at your fuel dispenser. No swiping. No sliding. No contact at all. Just mobile wallet and contactless technology that replaces conventional credit card payment. A wave of a mobile device can help you build stronger customer relationships and attract new business through fast and easy customer transactions.

Attract Customers With Convenience.

More convenience for customers means more business for you. The Wayne TAP reader helps enable fast, easy, and safe payment transactions right where your customer needs them: your forecourt. By supporting emerging NFC mobile wallets, as well as mag-stripe and EMV® contactless credit cards, the Wayne TAP reader helps take your store beyond simple mobile transactions to realize the full benefits of mobile commerce.

Wayne TAP NFC Reader:

Our technology that helps take advantage of the growing mobile payment market. Attract new customers by offering them the best and fastest payment experience. It supports all forms of contactless payment, allowing customers to use their preferred service. TAP supports new EMV contactless standard, eliminating future upgrade costs. Audio and visual indicators allow for a great experience as customers receive positive feedback that the payment device has been read.