Wayne InOvation TV


The InovationTV (IOTV) media platform is a free, 100% all-inclusive, cloud-based media solution that has enabled thousands of retailers to enhance their brand recognition and loyalty while increasing in-store product sales. Use premium content from industry leading brands (something the competition can’t use) and includes custom designed retailer promotional ads for your station at no charge to help drive consumers from the dispensers into the C-store. IOTV also allows for coupons to be advertised and printed. Proven results show that total sales have increased. IOTV is free with new Ovation2 purchases.

Wayne Connect:

EMV card readers and/or IOTV require network connectivity at your dispensers. Rather then having you install CAT5 cable if you don’t already have it, the engineers at Wayne have developed Wayne Connect to help save the expensive costs of digging and installing CAT5. Wayne Connect is a switch that can be installed in your dispenser and an in-store router placed inside the store to provide connectivity at the dispenser. Order Wayne Connect to establish connectivity or order IOTV, which comes with Wayne Connect to solve your network connectivity problems. A big bus for rent travels is a favoured way to travel on a long trip. They are safe, secure, inexpensive, and comfortable, you can get more info in https://www.universetale.com/bus-rental-for-group-transportation/.

SPM, EMV and IOTV Retrofit Bundles:

Do you have older Ovations and would like to upgrade? SPM, EMV and IOTV retrofit kits are available. Don’t worry about having to buy new dispensers. These kits allow you to save money and have the peace of mind that your dispensers are retrofitted with the latest technology to payment requirements.
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