EMV Solutions for Petroleum Retailers

What you need to know:

  • EMV is the global standard created by EuroPay, MasterCard, and Visa to securely authenticate credit and debit card transactions.
  • According to Convenience Store News, fuel retailers lost more than $250 million to credit and debit card fraud in 2014.
  • EMV helps reduce counterfeit payment card fraud.
  • To be compliant with payment network EMV requirements, fuel retailers are encouraged to upgrade indoor POS software and hardware by October 2015, and outdoor pay-at-the-pump equipment by October 2017.
  • Implementing both indoor and outdoor EMV technology by their respective deadlines will help minimize disruption, defer costs, and reduce site downtime.


Point of Sale:

Wayne Hybrid Chip Card Reader:

This is the card reader you need in your dispenser to accept EMV. The Hybrid Card Reader allows for a Mag Card Only Mode so you can install it now and activate it when EMV is ready. This allows you to save wear and tear by not activating the chip reader until EMV is activated. A LED status indicator provides a visual indicator to customers and employees that the reader is secure. Device Removal Protection disables the card reader if it’s removed from the system. The flush mount design protects against external skimmer installation.

Wayne Connect:

EMV card readers and/or IOTV require network connectivity at your dispensers. Rather then having you install CAT5 cable if you don’t already have it, the engineers at Wayne have developed Wayne Connect to help save the expensive costs of digging and installing CAT5. Wayne Connect is a switch that can be installed in your dispenser and an in-store router placed inside the store to provide connectivity at the dispenser. Order Wayne Connect to establish connectivity or order IOTV, which comes with Wayne Connect to solve your network connectivity problems.

SPM, EMV and IOTV Retrofit Bundles:

Do you have older Ovations and would like to upgrade? SPM, EMV and IOTV retrofit kits are available. Don’t worry about having to buy new dispensers. These kits allow you to save money and have the peace of mind that your dispensers are retrofitted with the latest technology to payment requirements.

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